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Adolescent Skull with Real Dentition Immaculate Genuine Human Skull

Very nice skull of an adolescent in excellent condition with real teeth.  The walls of the cranium on this skull

Antique Human Skull With Possible Pathology / Trauma and Antique Case

Antique Adult Human Skull. It appears that this skull may have had trauma prior to or causing death.  It appears this skull may

Carolina Biological Human Skull With Foramen Infection

This beautiful Carolina Biological human skull presents with a foramen through the bone caused by a dental infection of the

Clay Adams Human Skull

Clay Adams Human Skull For Sale This medical skull displays excellent dentition condition and has an intact Clay Adams company

Dissected Human Skull

Dissected Human Skull For Sale This is an intricate demonstration skull with cutaways revealing inner sinuses and nerve pathways. This

H.G Demonstration Human Skull With Metopic Suture

Human Skull With Metopic Suture For sale This skull is a stunning representation of the work done by H. Gumpert,

Maxillofacial Fracture Female Human Skull

This human skull presents with an extremely displaced septum and offset nasal bones, indicating a severe broken nose in life.

Mild Plagiocephaly Human Skull

Mild Plagiocephaly Human Skull For Sale This human skull presents with very mild plagiocephaly – a condition in which the