Real Human Skulls, Skeletons, & Bones

Active Science Parts human skulls. These skulls come from retired medical professionals, institutions, museums, and private collectors. In general, it is completely legal to posses, purchase, and sell human bones in the United States, provided they are not intended for clinical treatment. There are a few select states with stringent regulations in regards to human bones; therefore we cannot sell these skulls to residents of Georgia, Tennessee, or Louisiana. For more information, please visit our Policies, or contact us with any questions.



Medically Lightened Human Spine Vertebral Column

Fully strung human spine in excellent condition, displaying no breaking or fragility. Articulated on coarse string, this spine is in exceptional condition

Denoyer-Geppert Labelled Human Torso

This absolutely stunning labelled skeleton is meticulously hand marked in a design not often seen in skeleton preparations. The condition

High Grade Right Human Arm

High Grade Right Human Arm This arm is in excellent condition, displaying high bone density, no fragility, and no breakage. This articulation

Articulated Human Hand Left High Quality Sting/Cord Articulated Human Hand

This listing is for a medically prepared cord or strung human hand. The condition of the bone is very good, displaying dense

Real Human Left Hand 102

Real Human Left Hand 102 Bones   Very nice condition – real human left hand skeleton Human Hand Skeleton column

Right Articulated Human Foot

Articulated human foot in excellent condition, presenting no major breaks, very mild bone wear, and displaying an even coloration. Images above are examples of

Real Human Lumber Vertebrae

This listing is for 1x real human Lumbar Vertebrae, varying from L1 to L5 Pictures above are of randomized stock, you will

Set Of 6 Medically Lightened Human Radius Bones

Set Of 6 Medically Lightened Human Radius Bones For Sale This listing is for 6x randomized radius bones. These are medically

5x Cervical Vertebrae Set

This listing is for 5x randomized Cervical (neck) vertebrae. Vertebrae from numbers C3 – C-7 (duplicates may apply). Pictures listed are

Young Pediatric Human Leg Bone Set

This set of leg bones including: Femurs, tibias, fibulas, and unfused growth plates. These bones are roughly five years of

Adult Male Skeleton With Hyoid

This full adult skeleton measured 66″ (5.5 feet tall), and presents with a rare intact hyoid bone. Condition is good, displaying repaired

8-10 Year Old Pediatric Uncut Human Skull Pathology

8-10 Year Old Pediatric Uncut Human Skull Pathology For Sale This pediatric skull is in pristine condition displaying no breaks,

Dissected Human Skull

Dissected Human Skull For Sale This is an intricate demonstration skull with cutaways revealing inner sinuses and nerve pathways. This

Carolina Biological Human Skull With Foramen Infection

This beautiful Carolina Biological human skull presents with a foramen through the bone caused by a dental infection of the

Antique Human Skull With Possible Pathology / Trauma and Antique Case

Antique Adult Human Skull. It appears that this skull may have had trauma prior to or causing death.  It appears this skull may


Human Lungs For Sale

Real Human Lungs For Sale With Discreet Shipping Human lungs for sale here at activecienceparts your best online suppliers and

Human Liver For Sale

Real Human Liver For Sale Online Human Liver for sale from the best doctors and medical personnels in the US. All

Human Kidney For Sale

Human Kidney For Sale Online Legit Human Kidney for sale from the most reliable medical experts in the world, and we can

Human Heart For Sale

Real Human Heart For Sale Human Heart For Sale here at Active science parts cheap and legit. Organ transplantation is

NEW! 22-Part Osteopathic Skull Model

-A skull model of an average European adult skull that can be taken apart into 22 individual bones

-Developed using a real human skull that was digitized using state-of-the-art technology

-Dimensional stable, has strong magnetic connections, and is easy to handle


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